sustenance and life

Sunday June 30th

Today's painting session is brought to you by the earth, by the rich green of plant life reaching its roots deep into the dirt and reaching its leaves high up into the sky – a bridge between soil and air. The heart chakra, rich, life giving green. The green of the summer solstice, the green of nourishment, sustenance and life.

It is brought to you by abundance and plentitude, the mysterious transformation of sunlight, water and air into that which feeds our bodies. It is brought to you be mitochondria and power, life force and chi. Rooted and rising, old and newborn. Whole – fully whole. Always and in all ways

It is brought to you by the fullness of the hot afternoon. The sun fierce, the trees still, dark clouds moving across the mountains, slowly making their way into the valley to cool things off.

It is brought to you by oak and ponderosa, chokecherry and alder, cottonwood and juniper, spruce and fir. It is brought to you by penny cress and horehound, thistle and yarrow, salsify and dandelion, lupine and larkspur. The earth, the earth, the earth and what she grows.

Fall to your knees in gratitude. I fall to my knees in gratitude and love.