Open Heart Wisdom

Transforming fear into freedom

What do you want? What have you always wanted, deep in your heart? 

Has fear gotten in the way?

Is there possibly something more?


Then join me for an Open Heart Session.........

An Open Heart Session is for anyone who wants support on the journey of Self-discovery:

  • bring more peace and clarity into your life

  • tap into the vast Source of creativity and let it flow

  • enjoy healthier relationships - with yourself and others

  • awaken to the Truth of who you are

  • deeply embody this awakening

    In Open Heart sessions we join together one-on-one using the tools of inquiry, journeying, intuitive painting, energy work and the Enneagram of Liberation to discover your deepest desires and to discover what has gotten in the way. Learn to meet unprocessed fear and transform it to realize the freedom that lies beneath.

Everything is welcome – all fears and fixations, all stories, suffering and pain. We begin exactly where you are, with whatever is arising right now - desire for more creativity, relief from mental, physical, emotional suffering, healthier relationships, a yearning to awaken to a deeper Truth, a sense of inner freedom.  Everything serves as a pathway home to your own heart.

Learn to be a True Friend to yourself with a silent mind and an open heart to see what patterns have been running this lifetime and stop. Stop and dive in. By tapping in to your own resources you can discover what is deeper than the patterns and allow your life to be lived from clear inner wisdom. From love.

Open Heart sessions take place in person, or via Skype or Zoom and take 1 -1.5 hours.

If you are interested in meeting together, please contact me at

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