In the late 90’s after a lifetime of searching, I was blessed to have met my teacher Gangaji. During the time spent with her, the searching stopped, and the Truth of who we are was revealed, the light that is who we are. Since then, in addition to painting, I have trained as a True Friend with Eli Jaxon Bear at the Leela School, studied Electromagnetic Field Balancing Technique, and I currently work as a Prevention Specialist for Native Youth. All ways for the light to shine through this form. Contact me for one-on-one Open Heart sessions.



Who Sees Through These Eyes?

Where does creative inspiration come from? What breathes us? Moves us? Loves through us? What is this essence that enlivens us all - every living and non-living thing? Is the same essence that sees art the same essence that created it?

Intuitive painting is allowing this essence to come into form as color, shape, and texture on the canvas. Allowing the process to unfold with no agenda, no plan. Trusting, listening to the moment to moment impulse that says, “Paint blue here, now smear green here, now a fish, and another fish.” The thinking mind recedes into the background, and the creative flow takes over.

I have been painting for over 12 years where the natural world inspires – the high desert of Abiquiu, the islands of the Bahamas, and the mountains of Chromo, Colorado.

I am happy to share the results with you.

Margot Lynn Gedert

Firewood Art Studio